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Mission Bear Alumni... you can make a real difference to today’s Mission Athletes...The ASAP at Mission High School (Athletic Scholar Advancement Program) provides our at-risk, low-income, athletic scholars with a constructive experience so that they are off the streets of their neighborhoods during the summer. Getting these young men and women out of their neighborhoods exposes them to new possibilities, and makes college a realistic goal. We match students with summer opportunities that include residential programs on college campuses, internships and jobs. These are chosen because they initiate and develop the students' academic, artistic, leadership or athletic abilities. These summer experiences make them better equipped to succeed in school. These programs are supported during the school year with: enhanced study halls and tutoring; mentor matching; college counseling including, SAT prep classes, college essay assistance and college application preparation; and continuing leadership development opportunities. To help these athletes have a life-altering summer please contribute to summer 2005 by making your donations payable to:

ASAP at Mission High School
(Memo line: Summer enrichment program)

Please mail to:
Scott D. Kennedy
Athletic Director
Mission High School
3750 18th Street
San Francisco, CA. 94114

For further information please feel free to contact Scott Kennedy at:
415-241-6250 x 3013 or e-mail at sdkennedy7@yahoo.com

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